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Plaster of Paris Importation, Storage and Marketing in Nigeria; The Opportunities.

Plaster of Paris Importation, Storage and Marketing in Nigeria; The Opportunities.

Plaster of Paris Importation, Storage and Marketing in Nigeria; The Opportunities.

Gypsum is a hydrated sulphate of calcium, found usually in clays and limestone, sometimes associated with sulphur. It is the principal commercial form of hydrated calcium sulphate (CaSO42H2O). It is usually formed by either the evaporation of salt in shallow inland seas or by the decomposition of pyrite (FeS) in the presence of calcium carbonate.

More than 90% of gypsum are used in the building and construction industry while the remaining are used in the agriculture and health sectors. Gypsum deposit also play important role as a pathfinder in the petroleum industry by virtue of the fact that the organic material commonly associated with its formation is considered as source of hydrocarbon generation and its deposits act as seal for petroleum reservoirs.

Gypsum is an important raw material in the production of Portland Cement, Plaster of Paris, School chalk, Wall board etc. Gypsum is also used extensively as a soil conditioner.

Plaster of Paris (POP) is a type of plaster which can be used in art, architecture, building, fireproofing, agriculture, and medical applications. It was named such because the first deposit of gypsum was found in Paris. This plaster is made by calcining gypsum, a process which involves exposing the gypsum to very high temperatures to create calcium sulfate and then grinding it into a fine white powder.

When water is added to the powder to make slurry, the slurry can be molded in a variety of ways, and as it sets, a firm matrix is created, creating a solid shape which is also very smooth. In art, plaster of Paris can be used to make sculptures, and test molds for bronze and other metal castings. Plaster can also be used to make molds which will be very dependable while withstanding high temperatures. Plaster of Paris can be used as an architectural feature, as for example in the case of plaster moldings mounted on doorways and window frames.

As a building material, Plaster of Paris can be used to increase the fire resistance of a structure. It is often applied as a coating over other construction materials like metal and wood. Doctors have historically used Plaster of Paris to make smooth, hard casts for broken limbs. This material can also be utilized in criminal investigations, with Plaster of Paris being used to make molds of footprints, tire treads, and other markings. Because the plaster will not shrink as it dries, it can be used to create a court-admissible cast as well as a reference which can be used in an investigation.

Nigeria currently imports POP from China, Turkey and Morocco with Morocco being the closest supplier of the product to the entire West African region. Despite its abundance in about 13 states in the country, Nigeria spent about N20 billion of its foreign exchange to import gypsum in three years. In 2009, 2010, and 2011 the country spent N1.3bn, N2.2bn and N3.2bn on the importation of gypsum anhydrite and N 7.1 bn; N 2.7 bn and N 3.1bn on Plasters respectively.

The growth and demand for Plaster of Paris in this sector has been further strengthened by the boom in the Nigerian real estate sector, which is growing faster than the average GDP at a rate of 8.7 percent (GDP growth at 7.4 percent). The growth in the hospitality industry and the advent of new malls, commercial complexes and multiplexes also lend support to the growth prospects of this industry.

Trinity Edge Trading Company seeks to partner with foreign and local investors who wants to import plaster of paris (POP) into Nigeria and are looking for with a local firm that can help with importation, hiring a warehouse, marketing, market research and storage of the commodity.

We would provide the needed support (feasibility report, license and market) and while the investor provides the finance. Profit would be shared between Trinity Edge Trading Company and the investor.

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