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Learn How To Export Dried Hibiscus Flower and Gum Arabic From Nigeria

Learn How To Export Dried Hibiscus Flower and Gum Arabic From Nigeria

Learn How To Export Dried Hibiscus Flower and Gum Arabic From Nigeria

Feb 28 2017 • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Gum Arabic is a natural gum that oozes out from Acacia trees  and dries to form tears / nodules. There are more than 1,000 Acacia species worldwide but acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal are the most prized commercially.

Gum Arabic is an ancient ingredient that has been used since 4000 BC. The use of gum arabic thus dates back almost 6000 years and is the oldest and best known of all the natural gums.

The uses of Gum Arabic have evolved over time to include uses in confectionery, flavours, pharmaceuticals, bakery, beverages, inks , pigments etc. Due to the demand by health conscious consumers for natural ingredients, Gum Arabic usage has seen considerable increase in food related industries.

Nigeria has comparative advantage in the production of Gum Arabic in Africa over her counterparts due to the large arable land available for production and the conducive climatic condition.

Hibiscus flowers are multi colored and varied. About 200 species of hibiscus are known to exist, and each species has its own unique kind of flower. Hibiscus flowers are alternate, ovate to lanceolate leafs, often with a toothed or lobed margin.

The flowers are large, conspicuous, trumpet-shaped, with five or more petals, color from white to pink, red, orange, purple or yellow, and from 4–18 cm broad. Flower color in certain species, such as H. mutabilis and H. tiliaceus, changes with age. The fruit is a dry five-lobed capsule, containing several seeds in each lobe, which are released when the capsule dehisces (splits open) at maturity. It is of red and white colours.

In Nigeria, Hibiscus flower grows nearly throughout the year, though its peak production is during the dry season of November to April of the following year.

Dried hibiscus flower are used in the production of hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea is a caffeine free herbal tea from a special type of hibiscus, called Roselle, the scientific name is Hibiscus sabdarrifa. Specifically, the tea is made out of the dried fruit part of Roselle, called calyx. It is in red color and tastes like berries.

Both products have high demand in the international market and high returns on investment.

Benefits of the training:

After attending our seminar, the attendee would be able to identify dried hibiscus flower and gum arabic and the different grades. They would be able know where to source and sell the commodity.

The financial and market analysis would be known by the attendee.

Every attendee would be given free feasibility report on the export of the commodities.

Workshop Details


Participants would be able to idenfity dried hibsicus flower and gum arabic. Understand sales and purchase contract negotiations and return on investment.

Suitable For

Intending Exporter, Small and medium scale investors, traders, importers, exporters, co-operative societies, investment house and miners.


61-65 Egbe- Isolo Road, Iyana Ejigbo Shopping Arcade, Block C, Suit 39, Iyana Ejigbo Bus Stop, Ejigbo, Lagos.

Course Fee

N 50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira)

Payment Details

Fidelity Bank Plc, Account Name: Trinity Edge Trading Company, Account Number: 40 111 841 72

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